Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nuclear Lizard Resin Bust

No matter how you feel about the 1998 film starring Mathew Broderick and Jean Reno, we can all agree that the title monster was pretty damn cool. And this amazing, 14 inch resin bust shows off the creatures fearsome visage in all it's detailed glory!
This resin kit sells for $225.00 (includes shipping and handling) and comes in six easy to assemble parts. But watch out, this beast is ready to bite onto anything that gets too close to it's massive resin jaws. (miniature taxi cab not included).

Pebbles The Cavegirl

Here she is, Fred's little girl all grown up!
Originally released almost ten years ago, Pebbles has been a much sought after kit by collectors from around the world. Nows your chance to own this popular James Groman sculpture.
This all resin model kit comes in 4, easy to assemble pieces and stands approximately 11 inches tall when completed. Parts include: Pebbles and volcanic base, dinosaur bone ,triceratops dinner on a plate, and a snap-on bra (optional). Pebbles costs $125.00 which includes shipping and handling.

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