Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ever wonder where the hell Rotten Rex came from?? Well, here is how it all got started! The Rotten Rex comic book tells the story of of how the monster came to be. This comic also includes an additional story featuring another legendary beast taken from the adventures of Monster Hunter. The comic includes full color cover and 24 black and white pages of eye popping artwork by creator: James Groman. Each copy is $10.95, this includes shipping to you, signed by the artist. Please add $23.00 for overseas orders.

Rotten Rex Poster

Hunger never dies! Here it is! The 18" by 24" full color, Rotten Rex Poster! Printed on high quality card stock paper with matte finish, and signed by artist James Groman. $15.00 includes shipping in sturdy mailing tube. Please add $23.00 for overseas orders.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

James Groman's Frankenstein's Monster Wall Mount

Originally created for Korero Books for a volume showcasing versions of Frankenstein by artists from all over the world, this amazingly detailed wall hanging sculpture is now available for purchase! The piece is solid cast resin and comes in one part which measures 13 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 4.25 inches deep. 'I originally intended this to be a version of the monster based totally on the description from the classic novel by Mary Shelly, with added details from other famous depictions of the character. But as I began work on the creature, I began having visions of the monster as he might have existed after the last pages of the book, stranded on an ice flow cast adrift in the frigid arctic wastes. What damage would those freezing temperatures inflict on the monster's already scarred and hideous flesh? Could I capture the emotions of the book...the creature's feelings of loneliness, betrayal and eventual hatred for his maker and the rest of the world.I hope you see all of that in the features I have created here of this most famous of all classic literary monsters." Each casting is $120., which includes shipping and handling,and comes in a box signed by the artist/sculptor James Groman, as well as with a signature on the back of the casting. A full color photo is included to help guide you if you wish to imitate the paint job done here by the artist.

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